Preparing for  a concert!

Preparing for a concert!



It is all about learning or perfecting  a new discipline. It can be music,  language or yoga in an unique and personalized way for adults and children.  Lessons are designed for your needs, personality and taste.  Dr.B’s Academy also offers an after school program for students and personalized tutoring. Dr. B’s Academy is located uptown in Inwood, Manhattan, New York.


Dr. Bernard has more than 20 years of experience in teaching various subjects to children and adults from all backgrounds.  She pursued a professional singing career before she decided to dedicate herself full-time to education.  She obtained a DMD in voice from il Conservatorio Santa Cecilia di Roma (La Sapienza Universita), a Master in Interpretation ( classical guitar) from University Laval, Quebec and a Master of Education specialized in Special Ed from Mercy College. Dr. Bernard performed as a classical guitarist and opera singer on many international scenes.  She released several albums and won international music competitions.  She is a faculty member of St-John’s University where she teaches public speaking and taught music history for ten years at Mercy College. She has more than six years of experience as a language specialist and music teacher in public schools of Westchester and New York.  Throughout her life, she developed a passion for yoga and became a certified teacher in 2010 and a certified Ashtanga Yoga teacher (primary series) in 2013 under David Swenson. Yoga is the union of all and its practice helps artists get in touch with their inner voice no matter their age.  Dr. Bernard has developed a personal approach to yoga and vocal techniques and has worked successfully with many professional singers and musicians.

Dr. B created Dr. B’s Academy in 2010 with the fervent goal of bringing the joy of learning in music, art, and languages. She is committed to make sure that all her students get the best learning experience.

Dr.Bernard surrounds herself with strong professionals in their fields to make sure that the Academy can offer the best instructors to its students.  Each student is different and learns differently.  It is important to understand their needs and help them succeed along the way.


Music, art and language allow us to celebrate and preserve our cultural heritages, and also to explore the realms of expression, imagination, and creation resulting in new knowledge. Therefore, each individual (4 years old and up) should be guaranteed the opportunity to learn music, art or a new language and to share their artistic experiences.

Dr. B’s Academy ‘s mission is to advance music, art, and language education by encouraging the study of all by all.

Dr. B’s Academy brings elements of  yoga in her classes to help each artist find his/her inner voice in music,  or language through asanas and breathing techniques and find the greatest way to express themselves. 

“Let your inner voice sing!”