ASHTANGA YOGA WORKSHOP with Dr. Bernard, January 10th , 2:00-5:00

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ASHTANGA WORKSHOP with Dr. Ginetta Bernard

Saturday, January 10th 2:00-5:00  Cost: $60.00

HUDSON PILATES 854W. 181st street, NYC, NY

Tel: (917) 348-9105

Still searching for a New Year’s resolution? New research suggests that adopting a yoga practice can do wonders for your health. Get into Ashtanga yoga. It will change your life!

This workshop is uniquely designed and opened to all ages and levels of yoga experience from beginners to more advanced and willing to deeper their practice. The only people that cannot practice yoga are the lazy ones!

Ashtanga is an athletic style of yoga combining strength, flexibility and stamina for a complete practice. It’s a transformative experience that produces deep internal healing.

We will begin with a short history of Ashtanga and get to flow through the basics then finish with a guided relaxation. Let the journey begins….


Warning: Yoga is addictive and may ruin your life!

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