Back Mudra for lower back pain…

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This morning, some of my students told me that they felt a  lot of pain in their lower back so before beginning our practice I decided to take 4 minutes for a back mudra.  It canalizes your energy and release the pain in your back.

But what are the causes of back pain?  It can be your posture, weak abdominal muscles, constipation, stress, insomnia and check your mattress, that could be a cause too.

Practicing Yoga is just fantastic way to eliminate back pain. For example, doing the Plank pose, leg lifts, cycle lifts and other yogic exercises strengthens the abdominal muscles and can really diminish your back pain. Also doing Back Mudra. Here is how to do it:

Right hand: The thumb, middle finger, and little finger will be in contact, the other fingers will remain extended.

Left hand: Place your thumb joint on the nail of your index finger.BACK MUDRA

Don’t hesitate to contact Dr.B for mor information or to schedule a session.

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