Beauty of Nature at Spring Time is a Meditation in itself!

By on 5-03-2013 in Uncategorized

Nature in its full beauty makes us smile!

Nature in its full beauty makes us smile!


Recently, as I walked in the parks or on the streets of New York City, I noticed that most of us are breathing more deeply when we smell the trees flourishing and all the flowers around us.  We all seem to be more attentive to the chant of a bird and our eyes find such pleasure in seeing the variety of colors all around us daily.  It seems that all our senses are waking up. Most of us have a smile on our face.  If we could just keep this practice everyday, we would be calmer and kinder than usual. Life would be easier.  It seems that we are all meditating on the beauty of nature.

As you bring your attention to your breathing, you often find yourself smiling. That’s pure meditation!

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