Education: From Industrial Model to Agricultural Model!

By on 4-22-2013 in Uncategorized

Educational Reform term should not be used anymore because it only shows a broken model. What we need is not Evolution in our Educational System but Revolution. We need to innovate fundamentally.  Life is not linear; it is organic. Today we are obsessed with College. It seems that we are beginning  College in Kindergarten.   As you chose Kindergarten for your child, you already need to come with a portfolio of their work.

“What?  In 36 months, that’s the only thing you have accomplished?  Then, you wasted 6 months breastfeeding?  Well, I don’t know????”

College doesn’t begin in kindergarten. A 3 years old is not a half 6 years old!

Education today is like our Fast Food Chains.  It is standardized, it has no consistence, it is the same for all and has no nutrients. Let’s stop with Conformity.  It is all about Passion.  It has to resonate with your spirit.

As Sir Ken Robinson says: “ We need to move from a Industrial Model of Education to an Agricultural Model.  Let’s stop all conformity, linear system and bashing. Let’s move to a customize Education.”  Not all plants flourish the same way. They need often personalize care. Our children need personalize curriculum.

Watch this very inspiring video about Education from Sir Ken Robinson.


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