FALL IS AROUND THE CORNER! Time to sign up for classes

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The Autumn Leaves

The Autumn Leaves

Last month of Summer, are you already thinking about the Fall and what you and your children will do after school or during the weekend?

That’s what we do here at Dr.B’s Academy.  Consider enrolling your child(ren) in a private class or group class for music or language. Dr. B’s Academy teaches in an innovative way and makes it fun for each child to learn and discover new abilities to express themselves. As Music and Languages disappear from our school system, children still deserve to learn its benefits and explore other cultures.

For adults, we offer music, languages and yoga. Each lesson is personalized. As adults we accumulate so much tension due to all the responsibilities we have to deal with daily.  Nothing like escaping for an hour in a world of music, a new culture or a private yoga session designed for YOU.

Looking forward to hear from you and discuss how Dr.B’s Academy can help you into transitioning into the Fall.

Dr. Bernard


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