If you do what you did, you get what you got!

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Nature can inspire all of us!

Nature can inspire all of us!

The Yoga Sutras lay out two aspects of spiritual practice: abhyasa, practice, and vairagya, non attachment or renunciation. Come and practice with me tomorrow morning at 6:45am-8:00am at MindBodySoulYoga at 350 Fort Washington Ave. Till then, maybe think about something you want to renounce. You can try to renounce chocolate as much as you want but if you continue to live in your chocolate home on your chocolate street, if you keep your job at the chocolate office and hang out with your chocolate bodies, you will be eating chocolate before you know it.  Practice is doing the work.  It is following up our intention with action.  Join me tomorrow morning! You will feel so great after class and surprised as certan behaviors start to fall away after just a couple of classes.

Looking forward to see you tomorrow.


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