LANGUAGES: Italian, French, Spanish, Latin, English and more

Dr. B’s Academy makes sure to be at the forefront of education development. Innovation is our key word: we are open towards changes in the society and we respond to them by tailoring to our student’s needs.  Our major focus is on student satisfaction.

Every employee is highly committed to helping our students achieve their learning goals. We adapt our teaching style within our pedagogical frame to various requirements taking into account cultural and personal needs of individual learners.

We are convinced that learning can only have a lasting effect through a maximal reference to real life. We give the participants of our courses the chance to apply the learned content. At the same time, we listen carefully to our customers to make our courses as relevant as possible for them.

We consider cultural variety as enrichment. We interact respectfully with everyone, and we hope that our practical intercultural approach can be a valuable contribution to society.