Learning is not enough, you need to live your knowledge!

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Having dinner and talking music before concert

Having dinner and talking music before concert

Dr.B' students with Tiffany Poon after her concert

Dr.B’ students with Tiffany Poon after her concert

IMG_3236Some of Dr B’s Academy’s music students had the chance to go to a piano concert of Tiffany Poon,  a 16 year old prodigee, Thursday march 7th. They also met her and had cake with her after the concert to talk music. Dr. B’s Academy believes that studying a music instrument is a fantastic opportunity but it is not enough.  You need to see the power of music and its effects on others.  Nothing like assisting to a concert and having the students knowing the music they will be listening to,  the composers and the performer.  After a day at school and for some, music lessons, students gattered at Dr B’s dining table and shared a meal while talking about music. Then they all went to hear this incredible artist and had the chance to briefly talk with her.  Dr’B’s Academy believe that the power of music is also in living the music not only studying it. Next step will be to gatter and talk about the concert and the way to present yourself as a performer.  After all, our students don’t only learn music, they share their knowledge and love of music through their recitals.  They all need to learn how to present themselves professionaly on stage and Tiffany Poon gave them a great lesson.


  1. I had such a great time! Tiffany Poon is an amazing performer, very approachable and full of passion.

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