Music Ability Helps Reading

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Reading music is a great asset!

Reading music is a great asset!

An article written by Ann Lukits in the Wall Street Journal on 02/19/13 stated that playing a musical instrument from a young age appears to create new pathways in the brain that process written words and letters and may help children with reading disorders such as dyslexia. In fact,  learning an instrument and reading music wil not only develop the right side of the brain but  equally the left side. Language is normally a left-brain function. So the involvement of the right side  in a left-sided function probably resulted form reading music. Based on a study done in Milan, on 15 professional musicians between the age of 26  to 31 who had played an instrument since their childhood, they recognize and read a lot faster notes and words and, with few errors.  As they read notes and words, it activated the right and left side of the brain.

Now my question is why are we taking Music and Art out of our schools?  Do we really want our children to succeed?

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