Practice and again practice

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It doesn’t matter if you put your mind into it, if you don’t practice you will never master it! As I teach my music students, I make it mandatory to practice daily.  They have to sign a contract and agree with this rule.  There’s day you don’t want to practice, you don’t feel to practice, you have better things to do… Well, I can find you a thousand reasons why you can’t practice but then, why do you waste your time and money to study?  Music, Yoga, Languages, Arts and Sports require practice, EVERYDAY.  Talent is only 10% the rest is practice.

As a musician, I remember in particular Leonard Bernstein telling some of us in a rehearsal: ” Talent is a gift but without practice you will go nowhere!”

Pathabi Jois used to say:”  Show up daily on your mat, practice and the rest will come!” He also said: “10% theory, 90% practice!”

As a linguist, it is clear that without practice you will never speak a language.  You need to bathe yourself into the culture and the language your are learning to possess it.

Then I think about sport, well most of you know so much better than I. So I will let  you  come with quotes.

Here, one of my little student that began to play piano 2 years ago.  It took time but now she is enjoying more and more music and playing it. She also understands the importance or practicing.

Enjoy her little interlude!




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