The Importance and Benefits of Second Language Study

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Learning a second language and having fun!

Learning a second language and having fun!

Fewer and fewer people in the English speaking world are currently looking at second language benefits as they have somehow become convinced that English alone will always be sufficient for their communication needs. This is obviously quite a sad state of affairs because the importance of learning a second language is just as high as it ever was, learning a second language will make you a better thinker. You will learn to appreciate other cultures of the world. Language is an integral part of a person’s identity. If you therefore make an effort to understand somebody’s language you are making almost automatic progress in understanding that person (or country) better. This is of course to be welcomed in our world with its many divisions.  It will even improve your English, it has been proven that first year English students who took a second language at school consistently outperforms those who did not!  We live in a global world and more than ever it is important to understand others.

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