The power of Education

By on 4-11-2013 in Uncategorized

So often, all of us take for granted Education and forget its true power.  Most of us never had to fight to get educated.  It is part of our life, we don’t even ask ourselves the question; Ca I get an education?  However for so many other countries it is not the case.  I invite you to watch this amazing movie that will make you reflect and be so appreciative of what we have.  Watch, The First Grader directed by Justin Chadwick (2o11).  It is based on a true story. Very inspirational, one is never too old to learn! This old man, 84 year old is determined to learn how to read.  He is the oldest man to go to first grade school. A real poignant character that will make you laugh and cry.

As educators, here at Dr. B’s Academy, we feel priviledge to be able to teach to our students.  It is a daily gift.  Tell us what you think about the movie!


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