Yoga in NOT about being bendy…

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Head Stand: It was the most difficult and scary thing for me....Then one day, I did it!

Head Stand: It was the most difficult and scary thing for me….Then one day, I did it!

It ‘s about showing up to your mat consistently not knowing what is going to happen and being ok with that. It’ s about rehabilitating ourself and not believing the “experts” when they say you are too injured or too old.  It’s about believing that you can do anything even if it’s the most scariest impossible thing you could ever dream of.  It’s about uncovering who your really are.  It’s about being kind to yourself so that you can then be kind to others.  Yoga is about discovering that most of the crazy thoughts in your head are not true.  It’s about being healthy without pushing yourself to your limit.  It’s about slowing down to get strong.  It’s about breathing and moving and smiling on the inside.  It’s the hardest thing I have ever done, but also the best.


  1. Are you the author of this wonderful piece? It’s gone viral.

  2. Jennifer,
    I just realized that I didn’t post Meredith Hoffman’s article. In any case, it was about Yoga Competition. There was a competition in Times Square two weeks ago and I commented on her article.

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