Yoga in Union with the Alexander Technique

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The Alexander Technique is a way to improve how we move. Since its development over 100 years ago, the Alexander Technique has helped many people change their postural habits, avoid strain, and recuperate from injuries. Dr.B’s Academy offers private lessons that are designed for the athletes, actors, dancers and musicians who rely on it to enhance their skills and performance levels. Through the Alexander Technique we learn to sense the space around us with more liveliness. We cease forcing our way through the world. We delight in moving through space, filling space and having space fill us. We do not rush because we can go as fast as we choose to, and we are more energized! Or we can pause with an inner sense of floating, quiet yet active, alert, ready – in harmony with our surroundings. Dr. B’s unifies yoga and the Alexander Technique. It seems that as we get older, we forget how to breath. We are so tense that it becomes part of our nature. We breath by necessity but don’t know how to use it to cleanse our body and soul. We bring so much unnecessary weight into our life but we can be lighter by pure and relax breathing. Through specific exercises you will get in contact again with the real you, you will learn to relax into your busy life and use the tools to be more efficient while waisting less energy.  It is a way to feel better, and move in a more relaxed and comfortable way… the way nature intended.


  1. Do you have some Alexander Technique training? Your bio doesn’t list any. The teacher certification is a three year 1600 hour course and that’s the bare minimum to be teaching the AT. Yoga breathing and the AT are at odds with one another. Yoga adds habits to your breathing, AT removes them. If you would like to hire a trained AT teacher for your academy, feel free to contact me.

    • John,
      Dr. B’s Academy always hire the best certifed professionals. Dr.B’s Academy is not only about one person.

      On another note, we were wondering what is your knowledge of yoga, how long have you been practicing and what kind of yoga do you do? To make such a strong statement about yoga and its form of breathing,we are guessing that you know a lot about it. We would like to know more about your experience!

      • Dr. B,

        I am an Alexander Technique teacher. My experience with yoga is a mix of personal and through my students. That being said, I have mostly studied Iyengar yoga and some hybrid forms. I have noticed a trend of yoga teachers teaching students how to deep breathe or belly breathe, which are both fictitious things that are anatomically incorrect. In reality, our autonomic nervous systems know perfectly how to breathe, and anything we try to make the breathing apparatus do only gets in the way or harms this. Perhaps the teachers my students and myself encountered were not so good, as it is not very difficult to get a yoga teaching certification. I have had to spend a great deal of time with some of my students to unlearn had habits of breathing and movement created by misconceptions learned in yoga classes.

        Back to my original question, do you have some AT teachers on faculty? It is such a subtle technique it really does require a great deal of training to teach. You can really give someone the wrong idea if you don’t know what you’re doing. That is what concerned me when I saw your post about blending yoga and AT. They do go together well, but you have to have a great understanding of both to do more good than harm.


        • Hi John,
          Sorry for thte delay. I completly agree with you, there’s a trend of yoga teachers that should not be teaching and it is like that we so many disciplines. Also, there are different yoga certifications and depending where you study, it can be more or less difficult to obtain and the teaching can be questioned. In any case, I believe that, like in everything else, it doesn’t stop with the diploma, certification or any degree you obtain in life. You need dedication, passion and a lot of research and practice to become a great teacher.

          As for the Alexander Technique, please send me your resume with some letters of recommendation. I will certainly consider it for eventual needs with Dr.B’s Academy. I am working with a good team of professionals and always thriving to surround myself the best team possible.

          I strongly believe that Yoga and Alexander Technique go together, however I understand your concern. if you didn’t have a good experience with yoga it is difficult to believe in it but, as anything else in life, we cannot make our personal experience the universal answer.

          All the best,


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